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In English

Koirakoulu Lunatan is a dog school established in May 2012. It is powered by a dog specialist and canine trainer Virpi Niemi. Virpi has graduated as an animal attendant and her studies mostly focus on training working dogs for police, military and customs.
Lunatan offers you a versatile and wide range of dog services. We organize courses and training for different dog sports like agility, obedience and tracking but also for other activation for dogs like socializing, everyday-obedience, clicker training etc. Special classes are designed for puppies, which creates a good basis for you and your dog’s well-functioning relationship for future activities and helps you to develop a strong relationship with your dog.

You can turn to us with behavioral problems and questions, for example if your dog suffers from aggression towards other animals or simply doesn’t follow your lead during walks. We guide you how to be trusty, fair and consistent pack leader to your dog.

Information and help for correct your dog’s nutrition is also available at us.

Contact information:
Virpi Niemi
+358 50 5712786